Here's The Hat

Hey all, as you know we are in a bit of a shift of pace all over the world with the Covid-19. In one way, it has shown how well we can work together to respect and protect each other and how much we appreciate the people we have in our lives and the world we want to explore and soak in. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder. As you probably know, I have had to stop playing music on the street, playing live shows and musical wanderings for the foreseeable future. Fortunately my fear of Instagram Live is lessening with your support and encouragement and I look forward to playing a few songs from my home here in Galway each evening. It is completely a gift from me to you and from you to me that we can connect like this. Feel free to join any time.

There were some of you asking if you could put some money in the hat so I have set up my Paypal just in case you would like to donate and help keep me going until I can get back out on the street again! No pressure and Thank You for your support of all kinds and colours. It is a big blessing to my life and music.